Sims Construction offers a large selection of GSI equipment to meet your specific grain storage, drying and material handling needs. Whether you’re a small farming operation, Farm Grain Storage Bins are available in 15′ to 60′ diameter, or a large commercial facility, choose from a wide selection of Commercial Grain Storage Bin diameters with capacities over 1,000,000 bushels.

For quality grain drying and conditioning, Sims Construction offers a full line of GSI Portable and Stackable Network Dryers, Tower and Process Dryers, Topdry’s, Fans, Heaters, and stirring machines.

Sims Construction can also help complete your system with a full range of GSI material handling equipment including Bin Sweeps and Power Heads, Bucket Elevators, Enclosed Belt, pit, and En-Masse conveyors, Chain Loop Systems and air transfer systems.

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