Series II Sweep

GSI is revolutionizing the commercial sweep industry with it’s Portable Control Panel and Knock Down Sweep.

Solid, heavy-duty construction, engineered for efficiency and designed to handle a variety of grains large and small. GSI’s Series II commercial sweeps provide reliable, year round operation with little maintenance and minimal chance for product contamination.

Combined with the NEMA 4 control panel, a more simple to operate sweep will can not be found in the market, for your commercial grain delivery needs. Control features include a reversing switch, safety foot switch, and manual or automatic operation.

Portable Control Panel

GSI is proud to be the first in the industry to offer a Portable Control Panel. This means you can use the same control box to control all of your same size sweeps. The control panel slips into a specially designed docking station located at each sweep location.

Portable Control Panel

Patent Pending

Quality Motors

All Series II Sweeps have a Class II, Group F and G, motor that powers the heavy-duty helicoid auger flighting for years of reliable operation.

Bearing mount designed to withstand the rigors of commercial unloading and provide years of trouble free service.

Quality Motors

The Power to Move

A 1 to 3 HP C-Face drive motor turns two 23″ traction tires set in dual configuration for additional power.

Optional track with textured surface for added traction.


Knock Down Sweeps

GSI’s Knock Down Sweep is uniquely designed for storage units with small doors. This sweep is broken into 10 main pieces that can fit through a door as small as 30.5″ in diameter for 16″, 27.5″ in diameter for 12″, or a 20″x24″ rectangular door. The components are then assembled inside the storage unit. This industrial quality, high capacity design can reduce cleaning time and manual labor costs.

Knock Down Sweeps

Other Features

Nylon hanger bearings mounted on 180° backshield supports the heavy duty helicoid auger flighting.

A belt driven Class II Speed Reducer is mounted to the sweep frame via a CEMA drive adapter. This gives the motor the extra power needed to easily sweep through the grain.

Center support wheels are made of durable plastic to reduce wear and help the sweep roll easily across the concrete floor.

Safety First

As with all large machinery with moving parts, it is especially important to follow all safety precautions and warnings when operating this equipment. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. Replacement warning decals and operation manuals are available free of charge.