Wet holding bins need to be able to support slightly heavier loads than typical ground feed bulk tanks. They are available in 9’, 12’, 15’, 18’ and 21’ diameters and can be used for temporary storage, adapted to several grain drying and conditioning systems, or serve as long term storage for properly dried grain. GSI hopper tanks are designed to hold 45 lbs. per cubic foot, with total bin capacities exceeding 6000 bu. (150 metric tons). Optional view window level indicators can be added for convenient monitoring of grain loading and unloading.

GSI precision formed, galvanized coated, high tensile steel sidewall sheets, combined with a 2-2/3” (68mm) wide by 1/2” (13mm) deep corrugation, provide outstanding strength and durability. Optional fully die-formed side ladders with dimpled non-skid rungs provide convenient access to the tank.

Grain Hopper Tanks

Legs and Anchors

GSI tanks are supported by our own unique, fully galvanized, 6-bend roll-formed legs. GSI legs provide significantly greater strength over simple angle iron legs and greater corrosion resistance and longer life compared to painted legs. Galvanized roll-formed cross ties and two-piece leg anchor sections assist in transferring the tank load to the base and provide for greater strength, stability, and support.


Ribbed Roofing

GSI manufactures roofs from prime, high tensile, galvanized steel. The higher tensile steel adds up to 20% more strength, with no extra weight, which is critical in clear span roof structural design. Roof eave clearance can be adjusted at the time of installation. Each roll formed roof rib has four supportive bends in the vertical sides for maximum strength. Tall roof ribs are fully double overlapped for moisture resistance and additional support. The easy to open peak cap provides a large 30” diameter opening for fast filling. Sealed roofs are also available for your ground feed handling needs.


Hopper Bottoms

Tank hoppers are available in three slopes: 45°, for dry, free flowing grain and 60° or 67° for harder flowing materials. Hopper panels are die-formed with rounded corners and sealed edges down-turned for a weather-tight fit. In addition, assembly with rounded, truss-head bolts reduce ”bridging” of contents on inner surfaces.

The ”eave”, the upper edge where the hopper is joined to the sidewall, is specially die-formed to conform to the shape of the sidewall corrugation. Most other manufacturers depend on crimping and bolt pressure to force the connection, which produces corrosion-prone distortion and ”dimpling” of the sidewall. GSI’s industry exclusive die-formed eave provides a much tighter seal and smoother flow of material.

Heavy Duty Boots

Multiple outlet requirements can be easily handled by our 22” (559mm) all metal boot. This boot, which can be fitted to any GSI grain hopper tank, will allow installation of up to four feed lines in several directions at once.

GSI’s 16” (406mm) parabolic boot, available in straight drop or 30° models, is made from the very latest in ultra high impact polypropylene for greater flexibility, dependability and durability.

Straight Drop Boot
Straight Drop Boot

30 Degree Drop Boot
30° Drop Boot