Vision Dryer Controls

The GSI Vision dryer control system features a wide array of settings that offers unparalleled options and control. Boasting a 10.4″ TFT color touch screen with easy-to-use controls, the Vision can be remote-mounted, via a simple seven wire harness, up to 1000 feet away from the dryer.

Because safety and dependability are paramount for all GSI products, the Vision system features a low voltage safety circuit and a safety disconnect on every dryer. Each safety is monitored individually and its status displayed on-screen.

With no moving parts – timers, time delays, thermostats, etc. – the Vision system is less prone to wear-and-tear that leads to costly repairs and downtime.

Plenum and grain temperatures can be modified on-screen. You can also change from High/Low to On/Off fire mode which allows plenum operation down to 5 degrees above ambient with a simple software switch.

The Vision also puts help at your fingertips when you need it most. Owner’s Manuals are available on-demand and on-screen at the control box.

GSI Vision allows users to track the dryer’s history. All shut downs are logged with time and date information. This data can be saved to a flash memory card (via USB) for use on a home computer.

Download Touch Screen Simulator (right click and Save Target As…)

Vision Dryer Controls

Moisture Control

Every GSI Vision dryer is equipped with three different styles of moisture control. Users select the mode that best fits their needs in a particular situation.

1. Temperature Based 2 Speed with optional 5 Speed Mode: This temperature based control uses grain temperature to determine the final moisture content. As grain moisture increases or decreases from the desired moisture set point, the metering rolls speed up or slow down an amount pre-determined by the user in order for the dryer to bring the moisture level back to the desired setting. The optional 5 Speed Mode includes automatic speed averaging. When moisture changes significantly, all 5 speeds will change accordingly to bring the operation back into synch with the output moisture.

2. Moisture Based Infinite Speed: This is a moisture-based system that extracts data from three different points in the dryer: the moisture of the incoming grain, the temperature of the grain in the middle of the dryer, and the grain moisture upon exiting the dryer. All three measurements are factored to determine final moisture. Simply enter the desired moisture set point for finished grain and the Vision’s moisture control will speed up or slow down the metering rolls to maintain moisture at the desired setting. This setting makes very slow and calculated adjustments to the grain and is most effective when the moisture of the incoming grain does not vary much and is within a narrow range, i.e. one or two points.

3. Moisture Based 5 Speed: This moisture control method makes very quick meter roll changes and uses only the rear (exiting grain) sensor for adjustments. This setting works best when the moisture of the incoming grain varies quite a bit and has a wider degree of variance, i.e. three or more points.

Electrical Control Features

Exclusive MET (nationally recognized testing lab) approved controls. Built to UL 508a specifications: Nationally recognized (US & Canada) CSA electrical compliant.

IEC Branch Breakers: IEC controls are higher quality, rated for more cycles, and meet domestic and international electric codes. All dryers have branch breakers for each motor.

IEC Motor Overloads: IEC overloads allow a wide range of adjustment to accommodate variances in incoming voltage.

Auxiliary Auger IEC Contactors/Overloads: Load and unload auxiliary motor branch circuits are standard. If load and unload HP are specified at time of order, GSI will install properly sized breaker, contactor, and overload for customer’s application.

Entrelec Terminals: Color-coded Entrelec terminals are used for all computer control circuits connections, making for easy installation, diagnosis and service.

Safety Disconnect: For safely disconnecting power from main panel for servicing dryer controls. Also provides an easy connection point for incoming electric supply.

Work Light and Shutdown Indicator: The light on the outside of the dryer doubles as a shutdown indicator.


Optional WatchDog Software

GSI’s optional WatchDog software program allows remote monitoring of dryer functions such as moisture, temperature and dryer status from a web accessable computer. Web based for greater accessibility, the Watchdog keeps you advised from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or personal digital assistant (PDA).  MORE