Chain Loop Systems

The GSI Chain Loop System combines the loading, transferring, filling, and unloading processes all into one low maintenance, economical and easy to use system. The GSI Chain Loop is designed to move large capacities of grain gently and efficiently through-out the system.

An enclosed loop design lets you select the grain flow path by opening or closing the discharge gates, which are controlled from the ground. Unload one bin or multiple bins and reduce drying costs by circulating high moisture grain from one bin, with previously dried grain from another bin.


An economic way to move large quantities of grain. The Chain Loop System provides better efficiency than any other system when used within its design limits. 12” systems provide higher capacities but with less distance and height. Life expectancy is excellent, exceeding that of an auger or an air system. In a system matched to a loop system where the bins are in a straight line, the unload augers can be replaced by the loop system. This will reduce the horsepower used, equipment that is needed, and maintenance required.

Chain Loop System

Chain Loop System

GSI’s Chain Loop System can be installed into new or existing two to seven bin drying or storage structures and is expandable after the orginal installation. The system consists of chains, paddles and corners/connectors. The system can also be angled to accomodate conventional front unloaders. GSI manufacturers 2-leg and 4-leg chain loop towers. The two leg towers are designed to support chain loop systems between grain bins. 2-Leg towers are 48″ wide and laterally braced to a grain bin wall. 4-leg towers are 4′ x 4′ square and provide solid, free standing support for your chain loop system.

Corners and Discharges

Standard Corner

  • 1 per system when using 2 drive corners
  • 2 per system when using 1 drive corner
  • Replaceable, abrasion resistant liners

Inspection Corner

  • Access for inspecting chain and paddle wear as well as chain tension.
  • 90° Discharge with Gate and Control Wheel
  • Ground controlled access door on top for inspection and service

Drive Corner

  • 1 or 2 per system based on required horsepower
  • 12″ system up to 120HP – 2ea 60 HP Drive Corners
  • 10″ system up to 100HP – 2ea 50 HP D brive Corners
  • 8″ system up to 60HP – 2ea 30 HP Drive Corners

Chain Loop Corners and Discharges