Carrying on GSI’s proud history of innovation in grain drying, the X-Stream dryer features fans and heaters that are mounted in a staggered fashion on opposite ends of the dryer.

Most traditional dryers feature fans and heaters that are mounted on the same end of the dryer. As a result, the drying temperature varies by the proximity of the column to the heater and fan.

By mounting the fans of the X-Stream on opposite ends of the dryer and staggering them top to bottom, grain is exposed to less extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the entire dryer, regardless of column location. The result is a higher quality grain that is more evenly dried.

The X-Stream dryer is available in stack dryers with lengths of 20 through 26 feet, plus longer two fan single module dryers.

GSI strongly recommends adding optional grain inverters to the X-Stream dryer for even greater performance improvement.

Vision™ controls standard on X-Stream dryers.

X-Stream Dryers

X-Stream Dryers