WatchDog works with the GSI Vision dryer control system to allow remote monitoring of various dryer functions, such as moisture, temperature and dryer status, all from the convenience of a home or office computer.

Previously, WatchDog transferred data through a modem and telephone line. The new updated version is fully web-based capable, giving users the ability to monitor their dryers from anywhere with internet capablities.

With no need for added software, WatchDog takes the innovative Vision dryer controls one step farther, giving you even greater accessibility in this easy-to-use product. A Web Browser is the only software needed by the client PC.

With the exception of the start-up menu, anything that can be controlled via Vision’s touch screen can be controlled remotely by WatchDog.

Need more hands-on control over your drying? Then look no more, because WatchDog is the perfect compliment to the already innovative Vision system that is defining the next generation in dryer controls.

Info in an Instant

Want an e-mail or text message to keep you updated? The WatchDog System can send you that information at any time during the drying cycle. (Requires a working internet connection.)