GSI’s RES-Q tube aids in rescue during a grain engulfment if a portion of the victim is above the grain and if the grain surrounding the victim is higher than the exposed portion of the victim. GSI’s RES-Q tube is made of a lightweight aluminum for ease of transport and use.

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A 60” tall, 27 pound shield is constructed to fit around the victim with 3 additional shields (30” diameter complete), to stop the flow of the grain toward the victim and block any additional pressure that may be created from rescuers. Once in place, the now limited amount of grain inside the tube is removed to free the victim.

RES-Q Tube Engulfment Simulation Video


RES-Q Tube Chart

The table at right shows the amount of time (in seconds on the left) it takes for a 165 lb. person to be engulfed in grain with a typical 10″ unload auger in operation, and the amount of pressure placed on that individual at each stage of the engulfment.

Proper hands-on training is required for safe use of this equipment. The following instructions are general and may require modifications and/or adjustments to successfully complete a rescue based on the actual conditions.

1. Assess the situation, keep constant communication with victim.

2. Shut off and lock out all grain handling/conveyance equipment.

3. Turn on aeration fans (if available).

4. Call for help – First responders/Mutual Aid

5. If victim is fully engulfed, cut equally spaced “V” cuts in the bin (2 minimum) to remove grain/locate victim (never cut across rows of vertical or horizontal bolts).

6. If victim is partially engulfed, or once located, send in one properly equipped rescuer.

7. Approach the victim from their back/sides to lessen the amount of grain avalanching against the victims chest/face.

8. If grain is against victims chest/face, insert 1 piece of RES-Q tube in front of victim and clear grain away to aid breathing.

9. Secure victim with a chest harness/tag line.

10. Administer medical attention victim might require.

11. Install entire RES-Q tube (4 pieces) around victim (insure that pieces mate/seal and form a uniform circle) by inserting each individual tube piece down into the grain (be careful of victims limbs).

12. Secure tube pieces together with clamps.

13. Utilize a grain removal system to remove grain in tube from around victim (shop vacuum, grain vacuum, small bucket/can, etc.)

14. During grain removal, if the bottom of a tube section is uncovered, unclamp tube sections, shove sections down further, re-clamp, continue grain removal (repeat as necessary).

15. Once victim is free and on top of the grain, slowly pull apart tube sections and let grain refill cavity inside tube prior to pulling tube sections out of the grain (victim must stairstep walk to stay on top of refilling grain in tube).

16. Victim MUST get immediate medical evaluation/treatment due to compression from grain pressure.